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About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting!

My name is Allyson. When I was a kid, I was always outdoors, running around, climbing trees and having fun.  I remember wanting a trampoline, but not getting one for several years. One day, my parents surprised me and my siblings and got us our very own trampoline. It was a dream come true!

I couldn’t wait to finish my homework, so I could bounce. It turned out to be one of the best decisions my parents made, keeping us active, healthy and out of trouble.

Now, as I mom with a desire for my daughter to enjoy the same fun I experienced as a child, I had to return the favor. Doing so, however, led to a search for the best trampoline that would work for my child.  One that was the right size and shape. One that was durable and safe, and one I could “sneak a” bounce on if I felt the urge.

So, I did a lot of research, checking out different brands, touching and feeling the strength of the trampoline I wanted to buy, and learning what others were saying about their experiences. It took time to find the right one.

To cut down on the legwork, I decided to put together a review (from a mom’s point of view) of the best trampolines in an easy-to-find format. And that’s the main purpose of this site.

If you have a favorite trampoline that you’ve tried and love, but don’t see it here, please feel free to share. I’m always open to hearing honest reviews that can help others find the best trampoline for themselves, a friend or a child.