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What’s the Best Fitness Trampoline?

Need a way to rev up your workout? Try a fitness trampoline. With only 10 minutes of rebounding, you can burn an equivalent amount of calories as you would from a one-mile jog and cut your exercise time in half. Mini-trampolines are also a great option if you suffer from joint pain. Studies show that a high-quality rebounder can actually help in the recovery process for neck, back or knee injury.

In order to get the most from your workout, here is a quick comparison chart listing the best fitness trampolines that have received rave reviews for quality, bounce and effectiveness.

Comparison Chart

Brand Rating Price Capacity
4.9 *** Up to 440 lbs
Cellerciser fitness trampoline
4.8 *** 300 lbs
JumpSport 220 Fitness Model
JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220
4.7 *** 250 lbs
JumpSport 250 Fitness Model
JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250
4.9 *** 250 lbs
JumpSport 350 Fitness Model
JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 350
4.5 *** 250 lbs
JumpSport 350 PRO Fitness Model

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 350 PRO
5 *** 300 lbs
Needak Rebounder / Fitness Trampoline
4.6 *** 300 lbs/600 lbs (varies by model)
ReboundAIR Fitness Trampoline / Rebounder
4 *** Up to 400 lbs

Bellicon Fitness Trampoline Review

The Bellicon has a steel frame, super-elastic polypropylene mat, and six legs. In addition to a workout DVD, each Bellicon comes with elastic bungee cords, which are available in a variety of colors. You can also choose from a variety of sizes, with the option of fold-up or screwed-in legs.

The 39-inch rebounder has a 27-inch bouncing area and is highly portable. It’s recommended for frequent travelers or those with limited space. The 44-inch option has a 32-inch bouncing area. It’s designed for jumpers who prefer the extended jumping area, or for those with more space. The 49-inch option has a 37-inch jumping area and is ideal for taller jumpers.

What Others Say About the Bellicon

The Bellicon has received rave reviews for its top-notch quality, easy assembly, and quietness. Other than the high price tag (a drawback for many), people love the fact that you can select which bungee strength to go with and customize it for your weight and workout regimen. They also love the soft, smooth bounce and airtime you get from each bounce.

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Cellerciser Review

The Cellerciser was created by David Hall in order to save people from cheap, low-quality rebounders in the market. It is made with patented triple-tired carbon steel and an all-steel frame that’s built to last. Unlike most rebounders that use tube springs, the Cellerciser uses annondized springs to prevent rust.

The Cellerciser is guaranteed to support up to 300 pounds. It’s only available in black (matching most decors) and available in two versions – half-fold and tri-fold. The half-fold kit comes with the rebounder, a DVD, book, booklet, exercise chart and intro kit. The tri-fold kit is pricier, but comes with a portable tri-fold rebounder, carrying case, DVD, book, booklet, exercise chart and intro kit.

What Others Say About the Cellerciser

The Cellerciser has received rave reviews, especially from those with joint, knee and back problems. It’s said to be gentle on the knees and to rev up a great workout. Users love the fact that this rebounder is quiet, high quality and sturdy. However, there were a few complaints that the Cellerciser broke before its time. Some also found the DVD workouts to be dated, but the routines to be good. On a positive note, users liked that they could mix up their workout routine with Urban Rebounder DVDs.

When compared to the Bellicon, some found the Bellicon to be of better quality, but more expensive than the Cellerciser. When compared to Needak, they found Needak to have a softer bounce, but the Cellerciser to be easier on the joints.

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JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Review

JumpSport fitness trampolines come in several models. These models are divided into three main groups – 200 series, 300 series, and PRO series. The 200 series trampolines are ideal for first-time jumpers. The 300 series are ideal for home users, who want a gym-quality option. The PRO series can be used within the home or gym, and are built with commercial-grade materials.

JumpSport Model 220

The 220 model is non-folding and supports up to 250 pounds. It’s made with EnduroLast 2 elastic cords, tested on 2 million bounces. It has six arched legs and a 32.5-inch jumping surface. This rebounder does not come with adjustable tension cords, but they can be added as an upgrade. It comes with a basic DVD and a handlebar, which is available for an additional fee.

What Others Say About the 220 Model

Users love this trampoline because it’s smooth, sturdy, quiet and easy to assemble. When compared to the Bellicon, users found it much less expensive. When compared to the Urban Rebounder, they found it sturdier and much quieter, but not completely quiet. There were two main complaints for this model, however. (1) That it doesn’t fold, and (2) That is has a small jumping area, which could pose a problem for taller people.

JumpSport Model 250

This rebounder is non-folding and is ideal for a low-impact workout. It is built with a steel frame and six arched legs. It also has EnduroLast 2 elastic cords (to last over 2 million bounces), a 32.5-inch mat design and 39-inch frame diameter. It supports up to 250 pounds and comes with a basic DVD (like the 220 model) for beginner, intermediate and advanced workout routines.

What Others Say About the 250 Model

This trampoline has received rave reviews for its quality and soft, quiet bounce. A few have compared it to the Bellicon because of its elastic cords, but with a much cheaper price tag.

There were a few complaints that there is no way to adjust the firmness setting. As such, some have recommended the 350 model for heavier users. There were also some scattered complaints that the cords broke too soon and that the lifetime warranty only covers purchases made directly through JumpStart. On the other hand, several buyers love the fact that this model is easy on the knees, even for those with knee problems.

JumpSport Model 350

This model is non-folding, but can be upgraded to Model 350f, which has a folding mechanism. It comes with 39-inch silver frame legs and EnduroLast 3 elastic cords, built to withstand 3 million bounces. Like the model 350 rebounder, it comes with six arched legs for added safety and stability.

This model supports up to 250 pounds and comes with 30 adjustable cords, providing seven settings to adjust the mat’s tension.

Unlike the Model 250 option, the Model 350 rebounder comes with a 4-in-1 DVD rather than a basic DVD, allowing you to mix up your workout.

What Others Say About the Standard 350 Model

This model has received rave reviews for its easy installation, high quality, and being easy on the knees. Users like its sturdy frame and rubber-capped legs, for improved stability. Some had some difficulty installing the handlebar (available separately), however, but like that the mat is pre-strung to the frame. There were limited complaints about the small jumping area, and another complaint that the bands didn’t last.

When compared to the Urban Rebounder, users found it much quieter. Some users found it harder to follow along with the Urban Rebounder’s workout when using this trampoline, while others found that they could jump longer.

All in all, the majority of users love the 350 standard model and the fact that it is very durable. Although it does not fold, this trampoline is said to take up a limited amount of space.

JumpSport Model 350 PRO

JumpSports 350 Pro Rebounder

The Model 350 comes in two versions – standard and PRO. The 350 PRO is very similar to the 350 model, but comes with 36 adjustable cords rather than 30. It also supports 300 pounds (versus 250 pounds) and comes with EnduroLast 4 elastic cords, built to withstand 4 million bounces. As with the standard 350 version, the PRO version is non-folding and comes with a 4-in-1 workout DVD.

What Others Say About the 350 PRO Model

The 350 PRO model is top ranked. Although it’s pricier than the standard 350 model, people love that it is quiet, sturdy and easy to install. Users love this model’s soft, smooth bounce, but wish it had a larger jumping surface. Many share that it is very stable and recommend it for taller people or those weighing over 200 pounds.

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Needak Rebounder Review

Needak rebounders come in two versions – soft bounce and hard bounce. Both are available as folding or non-folding, and in black or platinum blue. The soft bounce model supports up to 300 pounds and absorbs up to 85 percent of your impact. The hard bounce model supports up to 600 pounds, and is recommended for professional athletes.

Needak rebounders have custom-made springs, six folding legs, and a 40-inch heavy-grade steel frame. The soft bounce option has a Permatron soft-bounce mat, while the hard bounce option has a Permatron hard bounce mat, made to resist precipitation and sunlight. Each model comes with an informational DVD, spring lubricant and article.

What Others Say About Needak Rebounders

The Needak is top rated for its quality, durability, sturdy construction, product warranty, easy assembly and health benefits. Although a few users mentioned the high price tag, several love the fact that the Needak is easy on their joints. This was especially true for those with knee and/or back pain.

Some users found the folding version to have slightly wobbly legs, but note that this does not affect its functionality. Others love the portability of the folding rebounder. In reference to the soft-bounce mat, a few users found it slightly harder than expected, while others found it as soft as claimed. There were a handful of complaints that the legs broke off after a year of use, while others mentioned that the spring broke within months.

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ReboundAIR Fitness Trampoline Review

ReboundAir fitness trampoline

ReboundAIR was designed by gymnastic champion and Olympian, Albert Earl, and is backed by decades of history. It’s made with the highest quality of Soft-Bounce springs for the optimal bounce. The folding option comes in a standard black with chrome color and includes a carrying case.

Unlike low-quality rebounders, the hinges on the ReboundAIR are durable, rounded and bolted internally, to eliminate spring cover tears. Because of its solid metal frame, it also supports more weight than cheap brands. The standard half-fold option supports up to 300 pounds, while the quarter-fold option supports up to 400 pounds. All parts of this trampoline also come with a lifetime warranty when you purchase ReboundAIR from the manufacturer.

What Others Say About ReboundAIR

Users either love it or dislike this trampoline. There were many positives regarding its firm jumping area and sturdiness. When compared to cheaper brands, users found ReboundAIR to be of much better quality. There were a handful of negatives from users, however, who felt that the trampoline was poorly made, as it broke before its time. Some found ReboundAIR to be hard on their back, while others found it ideal for a low-impact workout and easy on their knees.

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