Can You Work Your Abs by Jumping on a Trampoline?

Can You Work Your Abs by Jumping on a Trampoline?

woman with nice absThe health benefits of jumping on a trampoline are great for your entire body.  Can you use this equipment to develop six-pack abs?

When you think of an ab workout, you may think of hundreds of sit-ups, crunch machines, and other types of gym equipment.  The fact is, you can still tone your midsection by jumping.  It takes a lot of core strength to keep your balance when jumping on a trampoline, so use your equipment to your advantage.  Whether it is a rebounder for one or a 16-foot outdoor jumper, you can do moves that increase your heart rate and target your abdominals.

The Twist

Start with a gentle bounce.  Once you develop a rhythm, twist your upper body to the right, then the left, then the right again.  Each time you bounce up, turn your body and keep that rhythm.  This exercise is easy to do and targets the obliques, or the sides of your body.  Ready to get rid of muffin top or love handles?  You will feel the difference after a minute.  If you are more advanced or have a larger trampoline, jump higher and tuck your legs as you twist on each side.  This will also target your lower abdominals.  Try this for a minute, and rest between sets.

Knees Up

Jogging on a trampoline or rebounder is fun for some adults because there is less impact in each step compared to running on pavement or a treadmill.  Jogging in place is great for cardio, but you can also incorporate moves for your abs.  As you jog, raise your knees higher.  Not only are you trying to keep your balance, but you are working your lower abdominals with these efforts.  Jog with your knees up for a minute, then rest between sets.  When you feel like you need more of a challenge, extend your jog time a little longer.

Want to work all of your abdominals?  Place your hands behind your head.  As you bring one knee up, bend down and touch your opposite elbow to your knee (right knee, left elbow; left knee, right elbow).  Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart.  See how many times you can do this, but aim for at least 10 to start.  Once you meet that goal, add five more repetitions.  Be sure to rest between sets.

If you have a rebounder and need the handlebar for balance, you can still bring your knees up to work your abs.  If you are jumping, don’t put all of your weight on the bar because it makes it more of an arm workout instead of a cardio or ab workout.  Rest your hands for balance as you bring your knee up toward your chest as high as you can.  You can keep your hands near the bar as well when you jump and tuck your knees into your chest.  You might look like a ball as you are bouncing like one!

Tuck It In

Have you ever watched a gymnast on a trampoline?  They jump so high and bend in the middle with their body making a v-shape.  This is called a tuck.  With straight legs, jump and bend at the waist to touch your toes before returning to a standing position.  See how many you can do without breaking your rhythm.  If you can do tuck jumps for one minute, rest for a minute before starting a new set.

Falling Down

Watch your kids as they bounce on the large trampoline.  There is a great deal of joy in falling down and getting back up again with no hands.  You can join in so that you can engage your core the same way.  Discover all of the different ways to fall (on your back, on your rear end, on your side) and feel how your core activates to get you upright with the help from the mat.  You will feel it the next day, believe it.

Just Jump to It

The more that you jump, you will see that you are doing more to tone your abs.  Any type of physical activity is good for your overall body.  Cardiovascular exercises like jumping jacks and jogging are part of a weight loss regimen that will help you lose fat over time.  Targeted exercises like the ones mentioned above can increase your heart rate and strengthen the muscles around the midsection, but it works best when you continue exercises on a regular basis, such as 30 minutes a day.  If you have fun doing it, like with your trampoline or rebounder, you will be more excited about working out and make it a healthy habit.

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