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Fold and Go Trampoline Review

Fold & Go Trampoline Review For a kid, nothing is worse than waiting. That’s why The Original Toy Company’s Fold and Go Trampoline is the ideal athletic equipment for young children.

The manufacturer’s slogan, “From box to bounce in less than five minutes,” is the best of both worlds for families.  For children, it means that they don’t have to wait long for the fun to begin.  For parents, assembling is smooth, easy, and fast. Don’t you wish that things could be this easy when you’re putting together the presents you bought your kids for Christmas? And best of all, no batteries required!

A trampoline is an energetic way for kids to enjoy fun on their own terms, whether your child is an athletic prodigy or one with special needs. Kids love to play, and trampolines not only meet that need, but they also provide other physical benefits. Exercise is great for everyone, and a trampoline gives a child an energetic workout that’s so much fun it doesn’t feel like gym class. But the trampoline also accomplishes other feats that help to level the playing field for kids who may be struggling with physical limitations.

If you have a child who may struggle with mild motor delays or low auditory and tactile registration, the vigorous physical activity of jumping on a trampoline can help him realize a sense of achievement that can be very calming and build confidence. Kids learn through play, which makes the Fold & Go Trampoline a teacher that your children will love!

Is the Fold and Go Trampoline a Toddler Trampoline?

Toddler trampolines are designed for young children, but while most toddler trampolines can support children who weigh 77 pounds or less, the Fold & Go Trampoline is built to bear the weight of children from age three to 150 pounds. This means that your elementary-age school children will be able to enjoy the trampoline for years past their toddler age. Little kids, who are tired of having to wait until the big kids let them take a turn, now have a trampoline that’s tailor-made for them, but is still durable enough for grade-school kids. And now it’s time for the big kids to wait their turn!


Putting the Fold & Go Trampoline together is designed to be a five-minute process that consists of:
– Unfolding the trampoline
– Screwing on the trampoline legs
– Attaching the handle

Although the process is designed to be easy, some customers have found that it’s a two-person process, while others need more than five minutes. If you have any questions regarding the assembly of your Fold & Go, check out the video presentation below:

Your Fold & Go trampoline also disassembles readily, making it easy to store or take along with you on a family vacation.

The Fold & Go has received some criticism from customers who found the trampoline difficult to assemble. Some said that the directions were unclear. Customers have also disputed the trampoline’s “fold” feature, some finding that it doesn’t fold flat, although it does fit in a closet. The handle and legs have to be disassembled in order for the trampoline to fold. Some customers found that the holes in the handle and the trampoline sleeve were not aligned. The blue skirting that goes around the edge has a drawstring to secure it, but the customers felt that the details are not readily apparent in the instructions.

Safety Note – Buyers Beware

The Fold & Go Trampoline that was manufactured by The Original Toy Company looks very similar to the First Fitness Trampoline that was manufactured by Aqua-Leisure Kids’ Trampoline, so be sure to get the correct brand.

The First Fitness Trampoline was recalled in May 2012 due to fall hazards and injury.

Difference between the Fold & Go by the Original Toy Company and the recalled First Fitness Trampoline by Aqua-Leisure

  • Unlike the Fold and Go Trampoline, First Fitness Trampoline was sold exclusively at Toys R Us from September 2010 through May 2012.
  • The recalled trampoline retails for $45 to $70 while the Fold and Go retails for roughly $100.
  • Aqua-Leisure Industries is based in Avon, Massachusetts, while The Original Toy company is based in Milford, Connecticut.
  • The recalled First Fitness Trampoline has the words, “First Fitness,” labeled on the black jumping surface in large, white letters. The Fold and Go’s jumping surface has no lettering.
  • The model number for the recalled First Fitness Trampoline is FF-6902TR and Toys R Us SKN 491463.


The Fold and Go Trampoline’s built-in handle helps children remain upright while bouncing. As they jump, kids have a steadying anchor to hold on to for stability. If you find that the back end of the trampoline lifts off the ground while your child holds the bar because he or she is putting too much weight on the front, you can solve the dilemma by weighing the back down by adding a pair of five-pound dumbbells and bungee cords attached to the frame.

A trampoline is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for children. But just as with bikes, monkey bars, or skateboards, there are rules that need to be followed in order for trampoline use to be safe.

Here are some trampoline rules that will help make your child’s trampoline time safety and enjoyable:

  • One child at a time per trampoline. Accidents happen when more than one child is jumping.
  • Watch the weather. If your sunny day outside turns into a rainy one or the wind begins to stir, children need to stop jumping. A wet surface can make the trampoline slippery.
  • Leave the aerial action to the Olympians. No flips or somersaults because there’s too great a risk for injury.
  • Mounting and dismounting from the trampoline need to be done with care.
  • Keep jumping turns short.  Trampoline jumping expends a lot of energy, and young children can easily tire, risking injury.


Fold and Go Trampoline Review

The Fold & Go Trampoline’s durability is based upon the strength of its frame, which has a six-leg design rather than the typical four-leg design of most toddler trampolines. With six legs evenly spaced around the circular frame, the trampoline has the support it needs, not only for your jumpers, but also for the trampoline itself.


The Fold and Go Trampoline exceeds the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). ASTM is an international organization that develops standards to evaluate products, materials, systems and services. When a product is designated as ASTM-certified, it meets the most rigorous standards set by the industry.

Testing and meeting standards for ASTM certification is voluntary and is done at the company’s expense.

Manufacturer: The Original Toy Company

The Original Toy Company product line has been created to provide stimulation, education and play for children. Founders Kevin and Susan McGrath are strong believers in the value of traditional toys that are great fun for kids but also benefit children’s development in the early stages of life.

Goal is to Keep Kids Healthy

Health experts recommend that children engage in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Many children lead a pattern of inactivity where they watch too much television, increasing the risk for diabetes and obesity. Start your little ones off right by introducing the Fold and Go Trampoline into their play time, and everyone will benefit. If you start them out young, there’s a good chance that their grade-school siblings will discover how much fun a trampoline can be.

2 thoughts on “Fold and Go Trampoline Review

  1. carol fry says:

    where can I buy this tramp in BC Canada??

    • Allyson says:

      Hi, Carol. Thanks for stopping by. Great question.

      I just did a search at The Original Toy Company’s website for locations in British Columbia and only found one. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that this location has the trampoline in stock.

      Here’s the store location that came up:
      Camelot Kids
      1496 Cartwright St Shop 12
      Vancouver, BC V6H3Y5

      And if all else fails, you may contact the main store directly in the U.S. at 203-876-7289, or you may purchase the Fold and Go directly on their website, then have it shipped to you.

      Hope this helps and that you’re able to find a store near you soon.


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