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Review of the Magic Circle 16-ft Trampoline

Trampolines are an investment in fun and health, so it’s important to find a quality option that’s well worth the cost. The Magic Circle meets these expectations! Made entirely in the U.S., it is very well built, and according to the manufacturer, is the safest trampoline and enclosure around. The bestselling model in this product line is the Magic Circle 16-ft Octagon.

Product Specifications

The 16-foot octagonal trampoline includes a four-piece frame, 13-gauge steel (1.9” in diameter), 4 one-piece legs, 8 safety pads, and springs.

Each trampoline comes with 112 heavy-duty, galvanized springs and 52 coils. Each spring goes through a pocket on each end of the vinyl pads.  The pockets and elastic tie-downs keep the 10oz vinyl pads securely in place.  Buyers can choose between one, two or three colors for the 8 pads they get with the trampoline. These pads are sewn with six rows of stitching using UV-treated thread.

Magic Circle Octagon 16-ft. Trampoline

The Magic Circle measures 192 x 192 x 36 inches and weighs 218 pounds. Its height from the ground is three feet, but with the enclosure, it measures nine feet. The Magic Cage enclosure is an option that can be added at the time of purchase. It is made with the same material as the jumping mat and has a tensile strength of 350 pounds per square inch.  The cage is sewn into the mat so that there are no gaps or holes that can lead to injury.

Age and Weight Limit

The Magic Circle is one of the best trampolines for kids and teenagers. Not only does it accommodate children of all ages, but it’s ideal for adults as well. It’s proven to support a weight limit of 450 pounds, the highest in the industry.


Backyard Toys and More has been building outdoor-fun equipment for over 45 years. They are proud of their years of quality service compared to the makers of lesser-quality trampolines and products.

When it comes to warranty, they prove their belief in their product with a ten-year warranty on the frame. Also included is a one-year complete warranty and a four-year prorated warranty on the jumping surface, cage material, and springs.  With the knowledge that adults and kids alike will be bouncing to their heart’s content, they are confident that their customers will be satisfied.

What is Included in the Shipment?

When you purchase a Magic Circle 16-ft Trampoline (Octagon), you get all the required parts for assembly, such as the frame, jumping pad, vinyl pads and springs. You can also add the Magic Cage to your order.

What Customers Say About Safety

The Magic Circle Round 16′ Octagon has received rave reviews for its safety.  From the sturdy frame to the cage sewn into the mat, customers can rest assured in their family’s safety when using this product.

Why Choose Magic Circle Trampoline

What Customers Say About Durability and Quality

Customers who order their trampoline online are pleasantly surprised by the durability and quality of the frame.  The thickness of the poles ensures that anyone who uses the trampoline is safer.

Users love the fact that the materials are not flimsy. Other than the vinyl pads, which tend to wear at the entrance, the trampoline is said to be extremely durable. To extend the life of the pads, one user suggested alternating the vinyl pads after they are stored away for the winter.

What Customers Say About Assembly

Assembly is one of the areas where users have mixed reviews.  The manufacturer suggests that it will take 30 minutes to assemble.  The instructions are only one page long.  That being said, some customers were annoyed by the assembly and wished that industrial work gloves and protective eyewear were included when attaching the springs.

Where You Can Purchase a Magic Circle Trampoline

The Magic Circle 16′ Octagon trampoline is sold at many online retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Sears, and Wayfair, to name a few.  You can also purchase the Magic Circle and/or accessories directly from the manufacturer.

Average Cost of the Magic Circle Trampoline

The average cost of the Magic Circle 16′ Octagon trampoline without enclosure is $799 plus free shipping.  In some cases, you may be able to get it on sale for slightly less.  The average price with the Magic Cage enclosure is $1,299 plus free shipping.

Where You Can Get Replacement Parts

The easiest place to find replacement parts is at Backyards Toys and More, the manufacturer’s website.  Their customer service can also assist you if the parts are covered under their warranty.

Care and Maintenance

As with any trampoline, the better you care for it, the longer it will last.  Safety pads will slowly wear down, so it is important to keep the jumping pad clear of debris that can poke holes into it.  Some customers have mentioned removing the pads when they winterize their trampoline.

Why is the Magic Circle Trampoline Recommended?

If you are looking for a high-quality product that is safe for your whole family and made entirely in the U.S., then the Magic Circle trampoline is a great option.  Products like the 16′ Octagon trampolines demonstrate why Magic Circle trampolines are leaders in the industry.  Your family will enjoy hours of bouncing for years to come.

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