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Pure Fun 15′ Trampoline Review

Pure Fun 15′ Trampoline Review A 15-foot trampoline is a lot of equipment in one backyard, but it’s worth the fun. When selecting a good trampoline for kids, safety, durability and affordability are important things to note.

Pure Fun trampolines come in various sizes, but we’ll focus on the 15-foot version in this review – covering durability, safety and affordability – among other things.

Product Specifications

The Pure Fun 15′ trampoline is designed with the right kind of material. It has no-weld T-sections, W-shaped legs (for eight balanced contact points), a steel frame, and galvanized iron steel tubing. The weather-resistant mat is constructed with 8 rows of stitching, to prevent shifting over time. A PVC frame cover and thick foam rail padding cover the 88 high-performance steel springs for safe jumping and high bouncing.

Weight Limitations

Some owners stated that the trampoline supports up to 350 pounds, but the weight limit is officially 250 pounds.


Pure Fun is the manufacturer. They are an American company, based in Garland, Texas. In addition to trampolines, they also make playground equipment and other fun toys for the family.

What Owners Say about Safety

The Pure Fun 15′ trampoline passed all ASTM safety requirements. The T-section construction is said to be safer and longer-lasting than conventional trampolines.

This trampoline doesn’t come with an enclosure, but you can purchase one separately.

What Owners Say about Durability

Several owners raved about the sturdy frame of the Pure Fun 15′ trampoline; that it’s constructed better than others. Others commented that the trampoline is functional, but not as sturdy as more expensive models. Some found the frame flimsy and the trampoline too lightweight for heavy storms.

There were a few comments that the spring cover was a bit cheap and didn’t last long. One owner stated that the spring, pad and zipper started coming apart after a couple of years. Another noted that the frame pad started ripping after a week’s use.

What Owners Say about Assembly

There were a few complaints with the trampoline missing a few parts (screws, in particular) when it was delivered.

The vast majority of owners were pleased with the ease of assembly. Often, owners said it took between 30-45 minutes to assemble, especially when two or more people were working together. The product comes with its own assembly tool.

Customer Service

A few owners stated that it was difficult to reach someone when requesting additional assistance. However, they were able to get the help they needed after a few tries.

Where You Can Purchase a Pure Fun 15′ Trampoline

You can find the 15-foot model at most Walmart stores. However, you may need to contact the store or check for availability online first. The trampoline is also available at other online stores, such as Amazon and Wayfair, or directly from the manufacturer’s website, at

What’s Included in the Shipment

When ordering online, each shipment includes the frame, frame cover, mat, and springs. Enclosures and anchor kits are also available, but sold separately.

Average Cost

The average cost of the Pure Fun 15′ trampoline is between $300-450 for the trampoline alone. The enclosure may cost an additional $150, and is generally not included with the product.

Walmart offers “free value shipping” on orders that are $50 or more, so you may qualify for free shipping when purchasing there. Shipping is free with Amazon and, unless you select the heavy goods shipping option at Pure Fun.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are available from the manufacturer’s website. Some of the parts you may need to replace include:

  • T-section – $5
  • Springs (set of 6) – $12
  • Jump Mat – $99.99
  • Frame Pad – $99.99

Other websites, such as Pure Fun Trampoline Parts, also offer replacement parts for Pure Fun products, but it pays to shop around.

Care and Maintenance

The Pure Fun 15′ Trampoline comes with a limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Everything, from the trampoline to the spring, is guaranteed for 90 days. Pure Fun offers a no-risk guarantee because they want customers to be completely satisfied with their product.

While there are no specific guidelines for maintaining the Pure Fun models, caring for your trampoline can provide additional years of enjoyment. This includes:

  • Taking down the trampoline during cold, snowy months
  • Keeping it in shady areas to reduce sun damage
  • Washing the frame pad and mat with a bit of soap and water

Why the Pure Fun 15′ Trampoline is Recommended

Owners of the Pure Fun 15′ trampoline chose this model because of its quality at an affordable price. They were satisfied with the ease of assembly, the safety of the equipment for their young jumpers, and the help they got in receiving replacement parts.

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