Teenager enjoys the benefits of jumping on a trampoline.

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Trampoline

If you’re not totally convinced to try a trampoline, maybe this will help. Trampolining has several benefits that far outweigh many of its shortcomings. I’ve put together a short list of the top 10 reasons to use a trampoline regardless of your age.

Trampolines encourage play

Reason/Benefit 1 – Trampolines Encourage Play.

In the world of technology, our kids are more dependent on video games, social media, cell phones, texting, television, etc. As a result, less kids are playing traditional outdoor games, riding their bikes, swimming, or even walking.

Trampolines stimulate play, making activities fun again. They are a welcome distraction you don’t have to force them to do, unlike a boring, undesirable chore.

Reason/Benefit 2 – Trampolines Reduce Restlessness and Alleviate Stress.

Restlessness, or the inability to relax (be still or sleep) affects people of all ages. This can be caused by anything — drinking too much caffeine, stress, physical pain, you name it.

For kids with ADHD, bouncing helps redirect energy and work out restlessness. Exercise also improves our overall sleep quality over time, according to The US National Library of Medicine. Because bouncing is a form of exercise, you can actually reduce insomnia by trampolining.

Reason/Benefit 3 – Rebounding Improves the Lymphatic System to Keep Your Healthier.

The lymphatic system works with your body’s immune system, defending it against infections. Sometimes, the system needs a little help, and this is where rebounding comes in. The up-and-down motion caused by jumping on a trampoline can help.

As you bounce, the fluids in your lymphatic system move with you. With only 10 minutes of rebounding, you can promote proper body circulation and move toxins naturally from the lymph ducts to the liver to the kidney and eventually out of your body.

Reason/Benefit 4 – Trampolines Keep You Younger Longer.

Trampolines keep you young.

Trampolines slow down the aging process caused by the gravitational pull, counteracting the sag that often comes with aging.

As you propel upward and reach the height of your bounce, you’re weightless. Then as you decelerate and reach the bottom of your bounce (the mat), the gravitational force increases, strengthening your muscles, cells and bones in the process. The result is a firmer, tighter you on the outside and a healthier, younger you on the inside.

Reason/Benefit 5 – Rebounding is Safe on the Joints.

Rebounding is comparative to high-impact activities, such as jogging. However, unlike jogging, rebounding on a soft-bounce, high-quality rebounder provides a low-impact exercise that is safe on the joints.

In fact, rebounding can actually rehabilitate joint and soft-tissue injuries, relieving back, neck and knee pain over time. Unlike jogging, it also absorbs a majority of the impact from your bounce (up to 80%), further reducing joint problems.

Reason/Benefit 6 – Trampolines Strengthen Your Heart and Lungs.

A sedentary lifestyle increases cardiovascular disease, leading to all sorts of heart problems. If you’re looking for a great exercise that keeps your heart healthy and strengthens your lungs, a trampoline is it.

Like walking, jogging and cycling, trampolining is aerobic in nature and works with your cardiovascular system, decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure. Studies show that 20 to 30 minutes, four times a week, does the job. In fact, when compared to other exercises, you can gain these benefits in as little of 10 minutes.

Trampoline exercises, such as knee raises and jumping jacks, really get your heart pumping and increase your pulse rate, allowing you to pump oxygen throughout your body more efficiently.

Reason/Benefit 7 – Trampolines Strengthen Your Muscles.

Muscle toning gives your body definition, making it look tighter throughout. By using a trampoline, you can target specific muscle groups in your body, depending on your position. As with other muscle-toning exercises, a lean, well-balanced diet is vital.

Trampolines improve your balance and coordination.

As you strengthen your muscles, you slow down muscle loss as you age to reduce the risk of injury. An added benefit to building your muscles is improved metabolism.

Trampolines tone your muscles naturally without the impact of floor routines. You can even diversify your workout for added muscle-toning by adding light weights or simple routines to tone a specific area. To strengthen your upper thigh muscles, for example, try bouncing up and down on one leg, and then repeat this action on the opposite leg.

Reason/Benefit 8 – Trampolines Improve Your Balance.

Jumping on a trampoline helps with your overall balance and coordination, which is important for people of all ages.

When your child jumps on a trampoline, they automatically focus their attention on an ever-changing landing position. This activity, not only improves their balance, but builds their motor skills as well. These motor skills, in turn, filter into other aspects of life, improving your child’s learning, reading and day-to-day activities.

Trampolines are not only great for kids, but grownups too. As we age, our motor skills begin to deteriorate, making it harder to maintain our balance. Rebounding stimulates the joint receptors for improved stability, minimizing fall and injury.

Reason/Benefit 9 – Trampolines Help with Weight Loss.

As with other forms of exercise, a well-balanced diet and regular trampolining can help with weight loss and weight maintenance.

JumpSport, a popular trampoline manufacturer, states that with only 12 minutes of rebounding, a 150-pound person can burn 82 calories. When compared to other exercises, that same person burns 71 calories after 12 minutes of jogging at the rate of 5 miles per hour.

As an added benefit, your weight loss doesn’t stop once you stop trampolining. You continue to burn calories hours later.

Reason/Benefit 10 – Trampolines Reduce Cellulite.

Studies show that about 90% of women and 10% of men are affected by cellulite (the lumpy substance that resembles dimples on the skin). Cellulite not only affects those over 30, but some teenagers as well, regardless of size.

While we can’t completely remove cellulite with diet, exercise or body wraps, we can reduce these fat cells through exercise, particularly by trampolining. A trampoline is effective because it helps you burn fat and build muscle, which in turn reduce the areas that tend to get cellulite.

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  3. How can I further convince my parents to get me a trampoline? This is very helpful, but they aren’t pushed over the edge.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m sorry about your dilemma. I’m sure your parents have their reasons. It’s ultimately up to them to decide whether they think a trampoline is safe enough for you and if it’s something they’d like to invest in. Have you asked them why they don’t want to get you a trampoline? Once you know that, you can research answers that can eliminate any doubts or issues they may have in regards to getting you a trampoline.

  4. Before I read this article, I did not realize how many benefits you can get from playing on a trampoline. My son was telling me that he wanted to go to a trampoline park for a party and I was unsure about it. I hadn’t thought about all the benefits from being on the trampolines, for example, I hadn’t thought how kids would be up and moving instead of sitting around playing video games.

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