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AirZone Trampoline Review

Updated: 6/23/2023

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AirZone trampoline reviewIf you are in the market for a fun, yet affordable backyard trampoline, the AirZone trampoline line could be a great fit. This trampoline line is celebrated for its safety and durability, and you can afford any of their models for under $600.

Size and Space

The AirZone trampoline comes in 4.5′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 13′ and 15′ sizes. When deciding what size to purchase, allow an extra six feet of clearance on each side. With so many size options, you can find an Airzone trampoline that will fit any yard size. Remember to take into account who will be using the trampoline.

Many owners commented that trampolines, 12′ and up, gave them the space to jump together, while the smaller versions only accommodated one jumper. Please note, only one jumper is recommended to use the trampoline at a time, no matter the size.

Product Specifications

Safety enclosure with AirZone trampoline All model sizes include a safety enclosure that ties to the perimeter of the jump mat, ensuring that your child is safe from the edges. Also, the enclosure is tightly woven, to keep little fingers and toes from being caught and hurt. AirZone trampolines use W-shaped legs, to provide a 12-point contact base for added stability. The frame is constructed with rust-resistant galvanized steel, and comes with a weather-resistant PVC frame cover. These trampolines do not come with a ladder, which some owners decided to buy separately. However, most commented that with some supervision and help, getting little ones on and off is a breeze.

AirZone Trampoline Manufacturer

AirZone manufacturers focus on safety, while trying to achieve a family-fun activity. They use high-quality materials to create a lasting and safe product.

On the downside, several owners were displeased with the shipping. They stated that upon receiving their product, there were parts missing from the shipment. Upon contacting the manufacturer, they were told the missing parts could not be expedited, so they ended up shelling out extra money to have the parts sent. This, unfortunately, is a fairly common occurrence.

Durability and Quality

Owners have a wide range of ideas when it comes to AirZone’s durability and quality. While just about everyone enjoyed one great season of fun on their trampoline, some found that the steel frame became too rusty to use. Others commented that the jump pad wore out quickly, and yet many are still happily using their trampoline up to three years later. When looking into these major contrasts, it seems that owners who are dissatisfied with the quality are in regions consistent with extreme weather, such as Texas, Louisiana, and other extreme-heat or humid areas. If the trampoline is going to see a great deal of sun or humidity, it might be best to go with a heavier-duty trampoline.


Assembling the AirZone trampoline The manufacturer suggests three adults for setup, and many customers agree. With that said, customers who followed the three-adult suggestion said setup was quick and painless. From box to bounce, the average time was less than 2.5 hours.

Where to Buy

AirZone trampolines and replacement parts can be purchased at Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Replacement parts are also available and easy to find at a number of online distributors.


The AirZone line varies in price by size, but are all on the affordable side. On the smaller side, the suggested retail price of the 4.5′ trampoline is $160.00 at Walmart. If you are looking on the larger side, the 15′ averages $389.99 at Walmart.

Care and Maintenance

As with any outdoor equipment, the longevity of your trampoline is ultimately determined by the care you put into it. A proper storage place during winters or extreme summers will lead to a lasting and fun relationship with your trampoline. While the materials are strong and mostly weather resistant, keeping your trampoline out of the extreme temperatures will prolong its life.

Overall Thoughts of the AirZone Line of Trampolines

If you are looking for a source of fun and fitness for you or your whole family and don’t want to break the bank, an AirZone trampoline is a great option. If you are willing to spend a little more money, you might look into a heavier-duty trampoline. While the AirZone is a great value and will undoubtedly provide you and your family seasons of use, the negative reviews on durability might be too much to overlook if you are looking for a trampoline to use year after year.

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