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Review of the Bazoongi JumpPOD Elite Trampoline

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The Bazoongi JumpPOD Elite is the all-in-one kids trampoline, play center and family gym that’s perfect for all ages. If you’re a hands-on parent trying to find an activity that will keep your rambunctious first grader or your “I’m bored” teenager engaged and energized, but don’t have a lot of space, consider this trampoline. The Bazoongi JumpPOD Elite 7.5 Foot Round is affordable, multigenerational, loads of fun, and most important of all, safe.

Parents and grandparents who’ve purchased their own Bazoongi JumpPOD rave over the Bazoongi JobPOD and the fun their children and grandchildren have on it.

Not only is it a fantastic activity for kids who have all that energy to burn, but with the tent cover add-on, you can turn the play area into a backyard retreat that’s perfect for storytime, naps, or quiet-time fun with a friend. It’s also a great option for birthday party entertainment. The 7.5-foot circumference model is sized for indoors and outdoors. So, if you need an all-season item that also keeps your family active when it’s too cold for outdoor exercise, simply transfer the JumpPOD indoors to your basement or family recreation center.

Best Location for the JumpPOD Elite

If you’re using your trampoline outdoors, pick the best location in terms of safety and ease of use. Find a flat surface on a section of your lawn that’s energy absorbent. Check the overhead clearance: make sure the trampoline is placed away from tree limbs, storage sheds, fences, yard furniture and other play activity equipment.


The Bazoongi JumpPOD Elite takes at least an hour to assemble, but if you’re slightly assembly-challenged, it could take longer. It might also be a two-person job, so line up help if you want to get it done with minimum of effort and maximum results. The patented poles and easy sit-n-clip assembly and enclosure netting system are designed to make putting it together simple and stress free. However, there are a few things to be aware of.

Before you begin, be sure to read the directions completely so that you know what to do. To make the process easier, line up all the pieces before you begin the assembly process.

The leg braces and poles are made with pre-drilled holes, so one important tip is to ensure that the holes of the T-brackets face outward, so that the self-tapping screws can be installed and the net can be attached. The netting holes should be attached on top of the trampoline. The zippers need to face outward.

After your assembly is finished, double-check your work before you call the family out to give it a test run. Make sure that everything connects the way it’s supposed to. Part of regular care and maintenance includes checking the trampoline at least monthly, and more often if possible, to make certain that everything—the mat, the springs, the netting—is still safe and operating correctly.

Bazoongi JumpPOD Elite Trampoline's ease of assembly Durability and Quality

The Bazoongi JumpPOD Elite is designed to be sturdy enough to withstand the workout that kids give it. It has a weight limit of 160 pounds, and the trampoline should only have one user at a time. As long as you have a pretty good idea of the weights of your children and their friends, there won’t be any need for a weigh-in prior to use! Now, for adults, it might take a little more diplomacy, but remember that 160-pound weight limit. It’s not uncommon, after a year of use, for springs to break. Replacement springs are available. The mat stitching has a tendency to come loose, but that’s not a safety factor.

Why the Bazoongi JumpPOD is Recommended by Those Who Purchased One

With 100% of the customers saying that they’d recommend this trampoline to others, it’s plain to see that families are delighted with their purchase. Its small size means that it won’t take up all your yard space. In fact, its economy of space and surplus of versatility make it a bargain when you consider the amount of energy that your children will expend playing on it – not to mention, how thrilled you’ll be when they’re ready for a sound sleep when bedtime comes.

Weather and Trampolines

For safe trampoline use, make sure that the weather is going to cooperate before using the JumpPOD Elite outside. Winter weather and trampolines don’t make a good match. During winter, remove any snow from the trampoline to prevent it from accumulating, as this can cause the springs to stretch. If you live in an area where winters are harsh, it might be advisable to remove your trampoline’s frame pads and store them somewhere dry. If your trampoline’s jumping surface is wet, it’s too slippery for anyone to jump safely. Wind can also be a factor for using caution, as jumpers may find it harder to maintain control if wind affects their balance. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you might want to use swing set anchors to anchor the trampoline poles to the ground.

Remember that the 7.5-foot model is also sized for indoor use. So, if you don’t want to give up the sport just because the weather outside is frightful, bring your JumpPOD indoors. Just be sure to follow the same rules as for outdoors: sufficient overhead clearance, no obstructive items around the trampoline, and one jumper at a time.


The shipment, weighing around 100 pounds, comes in a single box that contains the following items:

  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame
  • Legs with enlarged diameter tubing
  • 10-oz. vinyl safety pad
  • Jumping surface
  • 42 pieces of 5.5 galvanized springs

Equalization spring system

  • Patented poles
  • Enclosure covers for foam sleeves padding
  • Enclosure netting system

Trampoline Purchase, Replacement Parts, and Accessories

You can purchase the Bazoongi JumpPOD Elite for around $216. Authorized retailers for the trampoline, as well as for replacement parts, such as Walmart. The trampoline can be ordered online, then delivered directly to your home, or delivered to a store for you to pick up. With the purchase of a trampoline tent cover, your Baoongi JumpPod Elite can be transformed into a treehouse or a circus; the cost of the tent cover is less than $79.

Customer Support

Customer support is available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday at 1-877-927-8777.

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