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Benefits of an Octagonal Trampoline

Updated: 7/2/2023

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When you drive through your neighborhood, you see a lot of trampolines in the backyards. Perhaps you catch a glimpse of the occasional rectangular trampoline, but the most commonly seen ones are round. How many of them are actually octagonal trampolines? Probably not many, as there are very few octagonal trampolines on the market.

Though they are less common than their round counterparts, there are great benefits of an octagonal trampoline that you may not be aware of.

1. They offer a higher weight capacity than round trampolines.

If you’re looking for a higher weight capacity to support your jumpers, an octagonal trampoline will give you that. Most moderately-priced round trampolines offer a capacity around 350 lbs. Octagonal trampolines of similar sizes will offer at least 450 lbs or more of weight capacity.

The Kidwise KW-MCT16OC 16 ft. Octagon Trampoline with Enclosure is a great example of this. Whereas, a 15 ft round trampoline such as the Skybound Stratos maxes out at 330 lbs. The the Zupapa 15ft round trampoline gives slightly more at 375 lbs, which is still significantly less than the octagonal variety.

A higher weight capacity means that adults and kids can enjoy the trampoline together without worry of exceeding the limit.

2. Octagonal trampolines provide more bouncing surface, and a higher bounce.

Along with the higher weight capacity, the octagonal trampoline gives you more bouncing surface for the diameter in comparison to round-shaped models. Additional surface to bounce on means more room for fun!

octagonal trampolines provide a higher weight capacity than other shapes. Because of the geometry and design of an octagonal trampoline, you will get a higher bounce when jumping vs. a round trampoline. The SportsTramp Extreme 16′ Octagon Trampoline with Detachable Cage from Kidwise is described as providing a superior gymnastics bounce. This will give your jumpers a more exciting experience.

Combining a higher bounce with more bouncing surface are great considerations when deciding what kind of trampoline you want to invest in.

3. Octagonal trampolines are safe.

Again, geometry rules the game here, especially when you have multiple jumpers. When you compare an octagonal trampoline to a round one, think about where the weight goes. Round trampolines are notorious for drawing jumpers towards the center of the jumping area. When you have more than one person on the trampoline, you risk colliding with other jumpers. However, this does not happen with an octagonal model because the weight is distributed more evenly across the mat. In turn, you make the experience safer–especially when you have multiple people jumping.

Consumers agree with the safety of these, especially with the Kidwise version mentioned above. One Amazon reviewer said, “If safety is your first concern then you definitely want this trampoline!”

Octagonal trampolines will also accommodate an enclosure, which increases the safety. The Kidwise model comes with enclosures that are actually sewn into the jumping mat. This decreases the risk of injury because of contact with the springs, rails or poles.

Consider if the benefits are worth the extra money.

The truth is that an octagonal trampoline will cost you more than a round trampoline. However, these are great benefits that you can think about when deciding if the extra investment makes sense for your family.

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