What’s the Best Size Trampoline for 3 Kids?

What’s the Best Size Trampoline for 3 Kids?

Updated on 7/8/2023

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how to select the best trampoline for 3 kids Trampolines are fun for the whole family. They give hours of entertainment, no matter your age. If you have a family with three or more children, or if your backyard is the spot where all the kids in the neighborhood meet, you may want a trampoline that accommodates multiple jumpers at the same time.

Please note that this is not an endorsement for multiple jumpers to bounce on a trampoline at the same time. But, as we know, no one (especially, a child) wants to watch their friend jump while they wait in line to bounce on a small trampoline. So, why not have a trampoline that can better accommodate those jumpers if/when that happens.

Consider the Trampoline’s Weight Limit

If you’re shopping for a trampoline and know that more than one person will be jumping simultaneously, then you’ll need a trampoline that’s strong enough to handle their combined weight. You’ll also need one that accommodates your kids’ weight as they grow.

Trampolines are an investment that will last for years, so you want it to handle any adjustments. Too much weight puts added stress on the springs, mat, and frame. This can reduce the life of your trampoline dramatically and lead to accidents and injuries that are avoidable. For this reason, it’s important to make weight limit one of your top choices when selecting a trampoline for multiple jumpers.

Kidwise Magic Circle, one of the best trampolines for 3 kids
One model to consider is the Kidwise Magic Circle 16-foot octagonal trampoline. This trampoline has a weight limit of 450 pounds, and it can easily accommodate three teen girls, who are each under 150 pounds.

Consider the Trampoline’s Size

Trampolines come in a variety of sizes, from a personal rebounder to an Olympic-sized apparatus. Size is important when it comes to the length and width of available space in your yard, as well as selecting a trampoline for multiple jumpers.

Your trampoline’s size matters when it comes to the weight limit and number of jumpers it can hold. One of the biggest concerns with small trampolines is how much space it provides. With one or two people jumping at the same time, there’s a greater risk of collision, injury, and accidents. Most manufacturers recommend one person on a trampoline at a time for this reason. Bouncers, who struggle with controlling their jumps, will get in the path of someone else. However, the larger the space, the less chance they will collide.

Consider the Trampoline’s Shape

If you have multiple jumpers, picking the right shape for your trampoline is important. Round trampolines keep jumpers toward the middle of the mat while rectangular trampolines handle the amount of force anywhere on the mat. With that in mind, three people on a round trampoline will naturally gravitate toward the center, while the same people on a rectangular trampoline can ideally stay on their own side of the mat. The jumpers are in control of the bounce on a rectangular trampoline, rather than the round trampoline that controls the bounce.

consider the 15x9 Skywalker trampoline for multiple kids The Skywalker 15x9ft Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure is a large and safe trampoline that has earned high reviews from owners. While it has the space to handle three people, it has a weight limitation of 250 pounds.

Consider Durability

Some trampolines are advertised as “heavy duty.” It makes sense to pick a trampoline that is going to take a beating. One with a frame does not collapse. One with a mat that doesn’t rip from the force of too many people trying to jump. A heavy-duty trampoline has the strength and stability to support multiple jumpers. The frame is constructed with the materials and configuration to sustain both jumper and outdoor elements alike. Heavy-duty trampolines also have a mat that’s sewn with strong mesh, with stitching that can hold a great deal of force.

As you research your trampoline options, look closely at the reviews. Many times, owners will mention how their children and friends have bounced without issue. Many manufacturers recommend one jumper at a time, but you can do the math in terms of weight to see how others have dealt with their outdoor trampoline and multiple jumpers.

Other Trampoline Options for 3 Kids:

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