Best water trampolines for kids
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Finding the Best Water Trampolines

Updated: 7/3/2023

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Want to turn the fun up a notch this summer? A water trampoline could be the answer – allowing you to entertain large groups of people, depending on the size.

There are a number of aspects to consider before investing in one.

  • Make sure you have the proper amount of space available. Most water trampolines suggest a water depth of 10′ or greater, stretching 8′ from all sides. Keep this space in mind when reading through the products below. For example, a 15′ trampoline will need 31′ diameter of water, at least 10′ deep.
  • The following are water trampolines, meaning they have springs that provide a great jumping surface. They are not water bouncers, which have no springs and provide less bounce.

Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline

The Top Three:

#1 Aqua Jump Eclipse series (1,799.99-3,999.99) – Fast, Durable, and Affordable

Aqua Jump Eclipse 200. The Aqua Jump Eclipse series is number one on the list because it is lightweight, easy to set up and has compact storage. This updated equipment doesn’t require building a frame structure, yet it provides a great bouncing surface. This means you’ll spend less time setting it up and more time playing with your family.

The Aqua Jump Eclipse 120 (12′ diameter). This trampoline can handle 500 lbs – 2 adults or 4 children – on 44 sq. ft of jump surface. It weighs only 65 lbs and can be set up in less than 30 minutes. Included with your purchase is a step ladder, 70 (5-1/4”) springs, high-speed inflator/deflator, and an anchor connector kit.

The Aqua Jump Eclipse 150 (15′ diameter) suggests 2 adults or 4 children, but the maximum weight limit is 700 lbs. Slightly heavier than the 120 model, at 130 lbs, it’s fairly mobile and easy to set up. This trampoline takes approximately 45 minutes to assemble. A step ladder, 80 (5-1/4″) springs, high-speed inflator/deflator, and anchor connector kit are included.

The Aqua Jump Eclipse 150 may be the perfect medium, providing the most bounce for your buck. However, if you have a large family or community to accommodate, the 200 may be your best bet.

The Aqua Jump Eclipse 200 is the largest of the Eclipse series. With a 124-square-foot jumping surface, it can accommodate 3 adults or 6 children at a time – its maximum weight limit is 1,050 lbs! This water trampoline weighs up to 185 pounds, making it a little more cumbersome than its smaller counterparts. However, assembly still averages less than an hour. Again, a ladder, 112 springs, inflator/deflator and anchor connector kit are included.

All the Aqua Jump Eclipse series water trampolines can be “souped up” with fun additions. The aqua slide, aqua log, aqua launch, and even a rope swing attachment can be added to these models, so even more people can float around or attempt their water acrobats, while others bounce. These attachments cost between $499.99 to $3,599.99. But no matter the range you’re looking for, you can guarantee they are all awesome additions!

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Island Hopper Water Trampoline

#2 Island Hopper 15′ Classic (2,499.99) – Durability, Strength, and Bounce

Island Hopper 15′ Classic. Island Hopper water trampolines, by Aqua Sports Technology, all have similar builds, varying only in size/weight. If you are looking for a larger, highly-reinforced water trampoline, Island Hopper offers the 20′ Acrobat, 25′ Giant Jump, and 15′ Turtle Jump.

The most popular and highly-reviewed Island Hopper is the 15′ Classic. These water trampolines are built around a strong galvanized steel, tubular frame, which provides excellent reinforcement and an optimal bouncing surface.

The 15′ Classic has three separate chambers within the tube to ensure the trampoline stays afloat. The Classic also includes a step ladder, springs, 6 anchor-tie D-rings for safe mooring, storage bag, and repair kit.

The Island Hopper is second on our list because of setup and storage. Unlike the Aqua Jump Eclipse, these trampolines require that you assemble the steel frame, attach springs, and inflate the tube. Because of the strong reinforced frame, the 15′ Classic weighs 251 lbs., making it a multi-person job for assembly. Not only are you going to need more people with assembly, but setup also takes longer.

Island Hopper water trampolines also have some great attachments that your kids are sure to enjoy. The Island Runner, Bounce and Slide, and Double Blaster attachments work with all models.

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Aqua Glide Water Trampoline

#3 Aquaglide SuperTramp series (1,999.95 – 3,699.95) Affordability and Structure

Aquaglide SuperTramp 17′. Aquaglide SuperTramp water trampolines are another great choice for families. You’ll find them in these sizes: 14′ (3 users with 800 lb maximum weight), 17′ (4 users with 800 lb maximum weight), and 23′ (5 users with 1000 lb maximum weight).

These trampolines have a great bounce and sturdy structure for stability. The SuperTramp water trampolines include hardware, springs, repair kits and a SwimStep access platform. Again, with the galvanized frame, more time and people are required to help with assembly.

The SwimStep access platform is a nice addition for smaller kids to lounge on when others are on the trampoline, but accessing the trampoline from the water is not as easy as a step ladder that is provided with the Aqua Jumps and Island Hoppers.

Reviews vary. Some people simply love them. Others spent a great deal of time and money repairing the tubes and tears that come from wear. Overall, if you are a vigilant caretaker, you should enjoy years of entertainment. On the other hand, if you’ll have trouble storing it away during tough weather, you may want the more durable Island Hopper.

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Before you buy, consider…

Who is using the trampoline?

Consider the weight and age of those who will be using your trampoline. Steel-framed trampolines (such as the Island Hopper and the SuperTramps) work best for larger families and can handle more weight, due to their added support. The Aqua Jumps can still handle a great deal of weight with their updated design, but after years of use, steel typically provides continuous structure. If you have a lot of smaller kids, the Aqua Jumps may be best. Setup is a breeze and you don’t need as much time and help to get started.

Where will you use the trampoline?

These trampolines recommend 10′ water depth, 8′ on all sides, so be sure to check these depths prior to buying. Also take into consideration where you will store your trampoline. If you don’t have a decent storage space to keep the equipment dry off season, go with the Aqua Jump that packs up smaller and can be transported more easily.


Plan to have an adult around while kids are playing on the water trampoline. Make sure weight limits are followed, as over-encumbered equipment can lose structural integrity, which can lead to additional costs over time and increase injury to users. Also, be sure to follow all anchoring instructions and depth recommendations.

Once you decide on the water trampoline that best fits your family and space, have fun!!

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