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SportsTramp Extreme 16 ft Trampoline Review

Updated: 6/30/2023

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If you are looking for a quality trampoline on the higher end of a weight limit, as well as a generous warranty, consider the SportsTramp Extreme 16 ft trampoline.

Product Specifications

The Sports Tramp Extreme is an octagonal trampoline that is 16’ in diameter. This model features 112 springs that are 8 ½” long, with a jump surface that is 3’ from the ground. This gives the user a fun gymnastics bounce. It has a 14-gauge galvanized steel frame.

Weight Limitations

The weight limitation on the Sports Tramp Extreme is 450 pounds, which is among the highest in the industry. The manufacturer recommends a minimum age of 4 years for jumpers.


Based in Columbus, GA, Magic Circle Trampolines is the manufacturer of the Sports Tramp Extreme. They have been manufacturing trampolines for over 40 years.  All trampolines and parts are made in the USA, which makes it much easier to get replacement parts in a reasonable amount of time.

Safety Specifications

The Sports Tramp Extreme has a newly designed safety cage that attaches to the springs of the mat. Many other enclosures attach around the outside of the trampoline. This new enclosure system eliminates gaps between the cage and the mat. This new safety cage is also designed to prevent fingers from catching on the enclosure.

The doorway also features an overlap system to provide a tunnel for jumpers to enter an exit. Since it’s built without a zipper or buckle to forget to secure (or that will wear down over time), this provides a safer enclosure for the entrance/exit.

The Sports Tramp Extreme also has safety pads that cover the springs, which is a really great feature. These pads have a thick, high density foam with UV protected vinyl on the front and breathable backing on the bottom side to allow moisture to evaporate.

Additionally, the poles are covered with a foam that does not disintegrate and break down like many other cheaper ones do. This provides protection in case a jumper comes in contact with a pole during a crazy jump. These poles securely slide into welded sockets.  Many other poles on other trampolines use a u-socket that can loosen over time, which is unsafe.

What Owners Say About Safety

One owner stated that they were especially pleased with the safety enclosure being sewn in, and that their concerns of their kids falling out were alleviated. Another buyer liked how the bounce pad and netting were sewn in, so little feet would not come in contact with the springs.


The great thing about this trampoline is the 10-year warranty on the steel, and the 5-year warranty on the mat and enclosure. This item was built to last.

What Owners Say About Durability

One owner on Amazon stated in a review, “I have been looking for a well constructed, large tramp for a while. Something that can hold 400-500 lbs of weight. Something that won’t blow away in a windstorm. This tramp definitely fits those requirements.”

Though we always recommend proper storage during the harsh weather during the cold-weather months, another user that purchased this item on said that it is sturdy, and that their kids use it year-round. They even said that they have to shovel snow off it to use it in the winter.

Another buyer on the manufacturer’s website said, “Never seen a trampoline built this rock solid before. No wiggle, squeak, creak, etc with the 16’ octagon. Definitely two thumbs up!”


The manufacturer touts the fact that there is not a single bolt used to secure the trampoline, which means that there are no bolts to come loose over time. They also state that it should only take about an hour to assemble, without any tools.

What Owners Say About Assembly

SportsTramp Extreme trampoline's ease of assembly

The manufacturer claims that this trampoline can be assembled in an hour, and some owners did find that this product was easily assembled in an hour. However, some users report that it can take up to 4 hours with multiple people assisting. Additionally, owners also say that the installation instructions are not good. Some of them found videos on YouTube that actually helped them put the trampoline together more efficiently than the instructions that were provided by the manufacturer.

Where to Purchase

At this time, we found that this product was available to purchase on Kidwell and through the manufacturer at Magic Circle.  Many other vendors are sold out.

What’s Included in Your Shipment

The SportsTramp Extreme 16ft Trampoline shipment includes the trampoline and safety cage enclosure.

Average Cost

This trampoline is on the higher end of the price point scale, ranging between $1490 to $1599. If you order through the manufacturer at Magic Circle, you can choose between a variety of colors for the pad. Kidwell offers a black or green pad. If you don’t care about colors, Amazon is on the lower end of that price point, and offers free shipping.

Care and Maintenance

The SportsTramp Extreme 16 ft Trampoline was designed to be used for years with virtually no maintenance.  However, we always recommend proper storage of the mat through the harsh winter months.

Why this Trampoline is Recommended

There are mixed reviews on this trampoline, mainly because of the price. This model is on the higher end of many consumers’ price points. If you’re searching for a uniquely shaped trampoline that will offer a higher weight limit, this option is definitely one to consider. It has received great reviews on the safety, durability, warranty, and maintenance, and has achieved satisfactory reviews on assembly. It’s also made in the USA, and replacement parts are much easier to find/purchase because of that.

The SportsTramp Extreme also offers some great safety benefits because of the enclosure and safety-pad covered springs. This is another factor to consider.

If you’re trying to decide if an octagonal trampoline is worth the extra investment, check out our article that outlines the benefits of an octagonal trampoline.

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