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What is a Heavy-Duty Trampoline?

Updated: 6/1/2023

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Heavy-duty trampoline safety netAs parents, it’s important to invest in quality products that don’t waste our hard-earned income. There are a number of buzzwords that float around when we think about quality, such as “durable” and “safe”. But what about heavy duty? What does that actually mean when it comes to shopping for a trampoline?

Weight Limit

For some consumers, a heavy-duty trampoline means that it can handle a lot of weight from one or more jumpers. Most manufacturers have a weight limit of 200 pounds for their trampolines, but some can handle more weight. The Super Jumper Combo trampoline, for example, has a weight limit of 330 pounds. Galvanized steel w-frames give the trampoline its stability and support. Larger individuals can participate in the bouncing fun on their own, or a few teens can jump at the same time according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. At 16 feet, it can handle tumblers as well.

Another trampoline that can hold its weight is the Springfree 11ft trampoline. It is one of the most expensive trampolines on the market, with its patented rod-based system (over $2,000 online). It can hold a jumper weight rating of 250 pounds, with a structural load capacity of 1100 pounds!

Heavy-Duty Strength

The shape of the mat and frame (round, rectangular, octagon, etc.) have less to do with the strength of a trampoline, as does the materials used to build it. It is the materials and configuration of the frame that gives a trampoline its heavy-duty strength. Jump Sport promotes their heavy-duty trampolines with quality steel and a heavy 14-gauge top rail. They back it up with a 10-year frame warranty.

Quality materials gives consumers the confidence they need to ensure their families are safe using products like trampolines. When manufacturers use cheaper materials (like some of the steel that is available to them), it is not a good value in the end. Steel frames fatigue faster from use, rust outdoors, and break. Weaknesses in the frame can lead to accidents or manufacturers issuing recalls on their inferior products.

There are a number of items you can look for when researching heavy-duty trampolines, particularly regarding the frame:

  • Galvanized steel frame. Galvanized steel is more rust resistant and will have a longer warranty for the frame, due to its durability.
  • Powder coating. The Upper Bounce 10-foot trampoline is one of the trampolines on the market that advertises a powder-coated steel frame. Powder coating is a method that prevents corrosion on steel.

Heavy-Duty Trampoline Mat

You can have the strongest frame connected to the strongest springs of any trampoline on the market, but if you have a poorly constructed mat, you may end up with a trampoline with a hole the size of your child in the middle of it, or a tear where the mat meets the springs. Sure, it can happen based on use over the years or overexposure to the elements, such as piles of winter snow and ice. A warranty on the mat can assure you at least a year of jumping fun for most quality trampolines.

The Upper Bounce Trampoline, priced under $300, advertises its strong frames as well as its heavy-duty mats. The 10-foot trampoline comes with a polypropylene mesh that has eight-row stitching. All of their mats come with a one-year warranty.

Fun Spot Trampolines weave their own fabrics into the mat. While they promote 6 rows of stitching, their mats can maintain a strength of 800 pounds per inch.

Dana Playground uses a heavy-duty, UV-resistant thread. Buyers can purchase a mat with a 6-year stitching warranty or an 8-year stitching warranty. The length of the warranty increases as the number of stitches that strengthen the edge and base increases. Also, to strengthen the mats at the edges, they also sew a nylon belt around the perimeter. This adds more stitches to their already durable mats. The mat can be flipped over to lengthen its lifespan.

A heavy-duty trampoline is ideal if you have older jumpers or want to get years of use from your equipment. If your kids are rough on their toys, you’ll appreciate a sturdy, durable, heavy-duty trampoline. The sizes and prices of the different types of trampolines vary, especially if you are focusing on quality construction for heavy-duty use.

As you research trampolines online, you will find hundreds of trampolines that use the keyword “heavy-duty” or “heavy duty” when promoting their product. Amazon.com has over 300 on its site alone!

From rebounders to backyard trampolines, knowledge of the materials and craftsmanship that goes into the frame, mat, and weight limits on the trampolines will help you determine if a heavy-duty trampoline is the right choice for you.

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