What Should I Wear When Jumping on a Trampoline?

What Should I Wear When Jumping on a Trampoline?

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Your new trampoline is set up and ready to go for some family fun, but then comes the next question:  What should I wear when jumping on a trampoline?

It may seem like a simple idea, but there are a lot of things to consider when choosing your attire.  Most importantly, you want to be comfortable, right? To start this off simply, decide on something you would wear to go for a run or a workout.

Girl in shorts jumping on a trampoline

Let’s start from the top.

First, if you or your child have long hair, consider pulling it back with a hair tie.  Braided hair or buns are best, as these styles prevent hair from flying in your face when you are jumping. With this in mind, avoid any clips, bobby pins, hats, or any other accessory that has a sharp edge. Additionally, leave the earrings, bracelets and necklaces aside as well.  These items can damage the jumping mat of a trampoline.

When choosing a shirt, think of fitted styles.  You want a shirt that fits comfortably – not too tight, but not too loose. If it’s baggy, your shirt can fly into your face as you jump, or it can fly up and expose your upper body.  Plus, it can get caught on other parts of the trampoline, which can cause a safety issue.  If you are self-conscious about wearing a fitted style and opt for a loose-fitting top, definitely consider tucking it in while jumping to prevent this from happening.

If the weather is cooler, you can wear a long-sleeved shirt or jacket.  Just be sure that it does not have a string that can catch on the trampoline.  Also, avoid anything with a zipper or other sharp objects that can damage the trampoline.

Next, let’s talk about sports bras.  Guys and smaller kids can disregard this, but for the female jumper – adolescent age and older – this is important.  You want to jump in comfort, so be sure to choose a supportive sports bra designed for high-impact activities. You’ll feel less self-conscious and more supported versus wearing a regular bra.

The right bottoms are important, too.

Depending on the weather, shorts or pants are perfectly fine to wear when jumping on a trampoline.  The key to this, like the shirt, is comfort.  Wearing your tight skinny jeans will probably not feel very good when you are jumping because they restrict your movement.

While we’re on that note, it’s best to avoid denim bottoms.  Skirts should be avoided too.  Additionally, anything that has zippers, belts, metal parts or decorations should not be worn, because they often have sharp parts that can damage a trampoline mat.  Instead, think of something with an elastic waistband.  Ideal suggestions are stretchy athletic shorts or pants, leggings, yoga pants, bike shorts, or running shorts.  Avoid anything that is too long, as it can cause you to trip.

Check your pockets, too!  If your bottoms have pockets, don’t forget to remove keys or other loose objects.  Not only would that be uncomfortable, it could damage the trampoline.

Footwear: shoes or no shoes?

Manufacturers’ instructions always state that you avoid wearing shoes because they can damage the jumping mat and other parts.  Harder-soled shoes are tough on the mat.  Plus, rocks and other debris on the bottoms of shoes can add wear and tear to your trampoline.  You can make this rule appealing by having jumpers put their shoes in a shoe bag.

The exception to this rule can be a pair of gymnastic shoes, as they are soft soled and have no parts that can damage a trampoline pad.  Additionally, they have a bit of rubber on the bottom to give you more grip on the jumping surface. However, gymnastics shoes can be harder to size, and kids will outgrow them quickly.

The best option is to invest in some non-skid socks.  We highly recommend these for many reasons. First, you can purchase a variety of sizes for a decent price.  Better yet, you can buy several pairs to have on hand for guests, and easily wash them in between uses.  The non-skid bottoms help give the jumper a bit more traction on the mat versus ordinary socks, which makes them a very functional choice. Of course, you can wear regular socks, but they may cause slipping.  You can even go barefoot, but the non-skid socks are a top choice overall.

So, keep it comfortable, and think of safety when you choose what to wear when jumping on a trampoline.  You’re likely to spend more time jumping if you feel like you can move around, and stay confident that you won’t damage your trampoline!


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