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What’s the Best Trampoline for Kids?

Updated: 7/3/2023

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For most parents, including myself, safety is one of the most important elements for a kid’s trampoline. Then come durability, fun, price and other details. While no trampoline is perfect, some rank very well in many areas. The trampoline doesn’t have to be expensive to be high quality.

Below is a chart comparing some of the best trampolines for kids, followed by a review of each one.

Brand Rating Price Age / Weight

Bazoongi JumpPod Elite trampoline
JumpPod Elite trampoline
4.7 *** 3-10 yrs, 100 lbs

7′ Little Tikes First
Review of Little Tikes 7-foot trampoline
4.7 *** 3-10 yrs, 100 lbs

Magic Circle
Kidwise Magic Circle 16-foot Octagonal Trampoline
5 **** Age N/A, 450 lbs

Bounce Pro 7ft My First Trampoline
My First Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline by Sportspower
4.5 *** 3-10 yrs, 100 lbs

8′ Skywalker Trampoline
Skywalker 8ft trampoline
4.8 *** 6 yrs and up, 175 lbs

15′ Skywalker
Skywalker 15ft trampoline
4.5 *** 6 yrs and up, 200 lbs

Bazoongi JumpPOD Hexagonal Trampoline

Because of its smaller size, this trampoline may be used indoors or outdoors. It comes with a 7.5′ diameter steel frame, six foam-protected legs, and 36 5-inch steel springs, which are covered by an environmentally-friendly safety pad.

What Others Say About the 7′ Bazoongi JumpPOD

The Bazoongi JumpPOD Elite is highly recommended for its price and value. The majority of users found the trampoline fairly easy to install. However, some found the clips difficult to attach, and the netting time consuming since you have to sew it on. People like how sturdy the trampoline is. Complaints were primarily related to the foam padding or netting, which some found not durable enough. They would also like a slightly tighter netting.

All in all, buyers find the safety features to be good and they like the enclosure. It’s highly recommended for those with younger children.

Read the full review on the Bazoongi JumpPOD Elite trampoline Get it at Walmart

Little Tikes 7′ My First Trampoline

This trampoline is built specifically for children and with safety in mind. It comes with a high-quality padded frame and secure netting that covers all sides of the equipment. A durable pad protector also covers the safety springs. Unlike the Bounce House trampoline, also designed by Little Tikes, this trampoline is non-inflatable. It measures 7’4″ in diameter and is recommended for the outdoors.

What Others Say About the 7′ Little Tikes Trampoline

Buyers find this trampoline to be sturdy, safe and easy to put together. Other than the zipper and netting, many love its quality as well. Some buyers loved that the padding covers the springs completely, but others found some spacing in the corners that wasn’t covered by protective form.

The negatives. Some found it hard (if not impossible) to find replacement parts. A few users didn’t like that there were no tie-down strips to hold down the trampoline on windy days. They also wished that it supported more weight, so older kids can join in the fun. There was also a complaint that the color fades rather quickly.

Read the full review of Little Tikes trampoline Get it at Walmart

Magic Cage/Magic Circle Trampoline

The Magic Cage/Magic Circle trampoline has an amazing 450-weight capacity, making it a great choice for both kids and adults. It’s available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can customize it to your backyard’s layout and size. Unfortunately, there are copycat variations of this trampoline, which have a 250-weight capacity and cage that’s sewn to the mat. In contrast, the authentic version is made with a high quality, sturdy cage material.

Magic Circle is pricier than most, but built with your child’s safety in mind. Unlike a lot of trampolines in the market, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

What Others Say About Magic Circle/Magic Cage

Owners of the Magic Circle rave about its outstanding quality, and some say it’s the best they’ve seen. While it’s fairly easy to put together, some strength and a tall ladder are recommended. Users love that the mat and net are one piece, so there’s no room to slip through. They also love the safety precautions that were put in place in the design. Other than the high price tag, many find it to be fun, bouncy and sturdy.

Read the full review on the Magic Circle Get it at Walmart

Bounce Pro 7ft My First Trampoline

Bounce Pro 7ft My First Trampoline is one of SportsPower’s many trampolines. It has a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame and comes with blow-molded legs, a weather-resistant mat and padding around the entire top frame. It also includes an enclosure, PE netting and circular top ring, which are added for safety and aesthetics.

What Others Say About the Bounce Pro 7ft My First Trampoline

Several users found the trampoline very sturdy and safe. They like that it’s low to the ground, which makes it more secure, but wish it came with a step. Some found it easy to assemble, while others did not. Some found the jumping area somewhat small, but others found its size perfect. Users liked that it can be used indoors and outdoors. However, there were several complaints about the protective foam, net and covers disintegrating before their time. Some suggested using the trampoline indoors (out of the sun) to prolong the life of the foam.

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Skywalker Trampoline

Skywalker makes trampolines of various sizes and models. The 8-foot and 15-foot Skywalker are well ranked. The 15-foot trampoline comes with 96 rust-resistant springs, while the 8-foot trampoline comes with 56. Both include a galvanized steel frame, an extra-thick spring pad, and enclosure for increased safety. The enclosure net uses an innovative design that attaches to the mat rather than the frame to eliminate gaps.

What Others Say About Both Trampolines

Both trampolines were praised for being reasonably priced, secure, durable, fun and bouncy. A lot of users love the safety net and how it keeps kids from touching the springs. While assembly is relatively easy, some recommend reading through the instructions before assembly. There were mixed feelings about the instructions, however. Some found them helpful, while others found them incorrect, misleading or poorly written.

What Others Say About the 8-Foot Skywalker

The 8-foot Skywalker trampoline is highly rated for being well designed, safe and sturdy. Many love that the safety net is built inside, to keep children from falling out. While a few would prefer a larger trampoline, many feel that it’s the ideal size. Assembly was relatively easy for most. The primary complaint was related to vague instructions and missing parts (instructions) in the packaging.

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What Others Say About the 15-Foot Skywalker

Owners love that the 15-foot Skywalker is neither too large nor small, but would like a greater weight capacity. Some have owned their trampoline for years and still find it stable. They like that you can purchase replacement parts individually.

The primary complaint was related to shipping, packaging and confusing instructions. There was also a complaint that the net rips easily and another that the outer pad and fabric frayed. On a positive note, Skywalker replaced the pad and fabric with no issues.

Read the full review on the Skywalker Trampoline Get it a Walmart

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